Friday, November 9, 2007

Shireen Sungkar

Shireen Sungkar is an drama television actress, was born on January 28th, 1992 - is second daughter of three brothers. Her parents is also actress and actor, Fenny Bauty and Mark Sungkar.

Shireen starting the carieer as a cover girl semifinalist in 2006. After that she was pointed to play in drama TV. Her name began to be famous actress since she acted in drama TV with the title 'It's not me' with Baim Wong and Ririn Dwi Ariyanti also in drama TV 'Wulan' with Dhini Aminarti. After that Shireen also played in drama TV 'Love of Fitri'.

Letting It Out, Living Longer
A diagnosis of breast cancer is a great shock. Women report that they fear breast cancer more than heart disease, even though they have a better chance of surviving breast cancer, and dying of stroke or heart failure. Breast cancer has been with us since the early Egyptians, and fear of this disease as well as the treatments for it, seems to be inherent in women all across the world.
Normal Emotions and Breast Cancer
Here are some normal emotions that you may experience at diagnosis and during treatment.

* Fear, shock
* Denial
* Anger
* Depression
* Sadness
* Anxiety
* Stress
* Guilt
* Loneliness, alienation
* Hope

Physical Responses to Strong Emotions
As you begin to deal with diagnosis and treatment, your body will be reacting to emotions as well as surgery and drugs. Your physical responses to the overall stress may be:

* Fear – trouble sleeping, headaches, body aches
* Anger – change in blood pressure
* Depression – fatigue, crying, feeling moody
* Stress – pain, irritability, tension

Unresolved or Unexpressed Emotions May Lead to Other Problems
You are not alone with your diagnosis – or your emotions. Expressing your feelings can give you quite a bit of relief, helping you move forward in your journey. Not all of us are freely expressive, but there are safe and creative outlets for your feelings. Letting out your emotions will help you get support and heal more quickly. Your bottled-up emotions may lead to:

* Loneliness, withdrawal from others
* Frustration
* Hopelessness
* Feeling out of control

Emotional Concerns and Breast Cancer
When you’ve accepted your diagnosis, you may be facing other emotional concerns. The loss of a breast, or part of a breast, has an impact that goes beyond the physical fact. If aggressive treatment is required, it might have long-term impact on your health. It is normal to be concerned about:

* Fear of recurrence
* Loss of attractiveness
* Difficulty with sexual function
* Loss of fertility

Coping With and Surviving Breast Cancer
You can improve your emotional health and reduce your physical symptoms with good coping strategies. A study published in the Journal of Psychosocial Oncology reports that women who get help with pain and emotional distress have lower levels of anxiety, fatigue and depression. Here are some ways to cope with your emotions:

* Communicate with family and friends
* Maintain intimacy (if you have a partner)
* Visit with a counselor or spiritual director
* Join a support group
* Express your needs and ask for help
* Report your symptoms to your healthcare team
* Keep a log of medical visits, save test results, keep receipts
* Educate yourself about your cancer and treatments
* Exercise
* Make plans for a crisis

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